Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Vapers you know and love

Not all vapers are created equal and with so many options on hand people have the opportunity to really let their personalities shine using e-cigs. Below are some of our favorite vapers and customers along with their favorite setups. What kind of vaper are you?

The Convenience Lover

The convenience lover is always on the go. They want an e-cig that can be easily refilled and fits into a purse or pocket. This vaper loves finding a great all day vape so they don’t need to carry around extra juices or accessories. A nice, light juice in a durable tank is all they need to be happy. Many vapers started as a convenience lover and often go back to this state if they are going out for a night on the town or vacation, but for some simplicity is everything. If the convenience lover was a former smoker, they remember what a hassle it was to carry around cigarettes and a lighter with constant stops at the convenience store to re-up so they love buying their e-cig replacement coils, juices, and accessories online and having them delivered quickly.

What’s in their arsenal:

Joyetech Eroll Small Profile E-Cig



 Ego Case for Portability







The Fashionista

Nothing out of the box is quite right for the fashionista. They have to customize everything and enjoy designing their own setups. The fashionista has batteries in every color and probably have a drip tip to match every outfit. If you’re throwing a get together on Canada day, these vapers will show up with a setup all decked out in red and white for the occasion and love the fact that the vision spinner makes a gorgeous rainbow colored battery straight out of the box.

Whats in their arsenal:

Vision Spinner 2 Colorful Battery

Hand-Made Marbled Drip Tips

The Cloud Chaser

Nothing satisfied the cloud chaser but huge plumes of vapor. They’re using juices between 0 and 6mgs of nicotine and dripping them into a rebuildable. The cloud chaser is an expert at wrapping wire, measuring voltage, and stuffing cotton to get the best vapor production around.  They go through tons of paper towels soaking up e-juice and are always browsing vaping forums for the next great vape hack. If they’re making reviews on youtube, you may never see the cloud chasers face through the haze of beautiful vapor that surrounds them.

Whats in their arsenal:

Ihybrid Pure Rebuildable Mod

Kanthral Wire, Wicks, and Mesh





The Connoisseur

The connoisseur is a foodie for e-juices. These vapers prioritize having the best juices for any situation. The setup matters in terms of giving them the best taste and they often carry multiple tanks to easily segue from one flavor to another. These vaping connoisseurs are known for collecting and carefully planning their juices for what they’ll be doing that day. For example, if you’re hanging out by the pool they probably have the perfect pina colada flavor, or if you’ve just finished a meal they have a rich after dinner coffee or dessert vape on hand to really tie in the experience. If you ever end up at the connoisseur’s house, you’ll be astonished that their juice selection is about the same as a local shop and probably more exotic. The connoisseur also loves watching reviews online and shopping on the internet to make sure they always have the best juices around.

Whats in their arsenal:

Vaporchase Review the Reviewer Liquid Extravaganza Sampler

Halo Cafe Mocha

The Tinkerer

Like the fashionista, the tinkerer is always customizing their vaping experience but they often go much deeper into the mechanics of vaping with tackle boxes full of vaping parts to play with. These vapers see anything box shaped as an opportunity to create and absolutely have to have all the newest tanks and batteries. Once purchased, they’re probably making their own custom skins or taking apart and old Nintendo controller to turn it into an amazing vaping machine. The tinkererer has already gone deep into the software for the evic and maybe even hacked it to do some amazing things you’ve never even thought of. They may even take things a step further to make their evic supreme look like the sonic screwdriver from Dr.Who just because they can.

Whats in their arsenal:

Joyetech Evic Supreme Intelligent E-Cigarette

 Aspire Nautilus Adjustable Tank

Don’t see yourself on this list? Know a great product one of these vapers would love? Drop us a comment below to let us know if there are any personalities were missing or tell us what you think!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Box Batteries: iTaste MVP 2.0 versus iTaste VTR

If you're in the market for a box battery for vaping, chances are that you've narrowed things down to two excellent options: the iTaste MVP 2.0 and the iTaste VTR. That's particularly true if you've decided to stick with a battery that has variable wattage and voltage, which is the case with both of these devices.

First Impressions

At first glance, you may not notice many differences between the VTR and the MVP 2.0. They are roughly similar in size, with the MVP 2.0 measuring 107mm high x 41 mm wide x 22mm deep, and the VTR measuring 107mm H x 54mm W x 22mm D. As you can see, the VTR is significantly wider than the MVP 2.0. It's also a lot heavier. Some folks appreciate its added heft while others prefer the more lightweight design of the MVP 2.0.

Benefits of Variable Wattage and Voltage

Before delving more deeply into the features of these two state-of-the-art box batteries, let's consider why you'd want one with variable wattage and voltage in the first place. If you've been vaping for a while, you know that certain flavors come across better and more strongly than others. When you can't control the wattage and voltage, you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. With the ability to control these two features, however, you can tweak your machine to deliver the desired flavor strength and the ideal amount of vapor. In other words, you're really in the driver's seat.

The iTaste MVP 2.0 and iTaste VTR both offer variable wattage and voltage, but the way in which these levels are controlled varies. With the MVP 2.0, wattage is controlled using a button that's labeled with a prominent "P," and voltage is controlled with a button labeled with a "U." The main gripe about this configuration is that you can't adjust up and down. You can only adjust up and must do so until the level cycles back down again.

With the iTaste VTR, wattage and voltage are controlled using a handy little wheel. Press the wheel to cycle between different options, and then scroll it to adjust the voltage or wattage up or down. In this way, the VTR leaves the MVP 2.0 in the dust.

Battery Life

Naturally, you're going to want a box battery that offers the best battery life. The VTR has a removable 18650 battery. The battery holds a charge for a very long time. Because it's removable, you can buy spares and keep them with you in case you run out of power while out and about. The MVP 2.0, on the other hand, has a built-in 2600 mAh battery. If the battery dies, you're out of luck. However, on the plus side, the MVP 2.0 includes a four-way charging cable that allows you to charge other devices while charging the box battery. Because this is a pass-through cable, the battery can charge while you vape. Additionally even heavy MVP 2.0 users report charging their battery only once or twice a week so both of these products have excellent battery life.

The Bottom Line

If you're mostly concerned about price, you're probably going to want the MVP 2.0, which is significantly cheaper than the VTR. The MVP also has the advantage of having the atomizer connect at the top while the VTR has a small shelf, so not all atomizers fit without the included adapter that adds a little bulk. The bottom line here is that both devices are truly first rate and are sure to deliver exceptional vaping results.

If you use one of these products, feel free to drop us a comment letting us know how the experience has worked for you.

Monday, July 7, 2014

What to Know about Single Coil and Dual Coil E-Cigarettes

As smokers look for substitutes for traditional cigarettes, the use of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes has seen booming growth in recent years. A 2013 report from the Centers for Disease Control reports that about one in five smokers have tried an e-cigarette. Millions of these alternative devices are sold every year because the desire for e-cigarettes continues to grow exponentially. Perhaps you are interested in trying e-cigarettes but don’t know where to begin. If so, some basic facts about electronic cigarettes will help you choose the best product for your needs. Among the differences between e-cigarettes that you should know is how single coil e-cigarette tanks differ from dual coil e-cigarette tanks.  

The E-Cigarette Heating Element

Single coil and dual coil refer to the way that the heating element in your e-cigarette is configured. As you probably know, e-cigarettes work by using heat to convert a liquid, or e-juice, into vapor form. Smokers inhale this vapor, which contains nicotine, much as they would if they were smoking traditional cigarettes. The liquid is heated in an atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer, which are the types of heating chambers found in e-cigarette tanks. A coil of wire in contact with a battery makes up the heating element. A single coil e-cig tank has one coil, and a dual coil e-cig tank has two coils.

Which Coil Configuration Is Right for Me?

The answer to this question depends largely on the type of vapor you want from an e-cigarette. Convenience is also an important factor because the frequency with which you must refill your e-cigarette with the liquid to be vaporized differs according to the coil configuration you choose. A look at the pros and cons of single coil and dual coil e-cigarettes will help you select the device that is best for you.  

The Pros and Cons of Single Coil E-Cigarettes

Overall, the main advantage of single coil e-cigarettes is that they tend to be less expensive to operate than dual coil e-cigarettes. Why is this case? Just consider the pros of the single coil configuration:  


• Single coil cigarettes use less liquid than dual coil cigarettes. Less liquid is vaporized with each puff on the e-cigarette because the liquid comes into contact with only one coil. Because less liquid is used each time, a single coil e-cigarette does not have to be refilled as often as a dual coil e-cigarette. Over time, this translates into less e-juice used, which means that you are buying refills for your e-cigarette less often.

• E-cigarettes with a single coil configuration also use less battery power because there is only one coil for the battery to heat. This lengthens the amount of time between battery recharging and replacement, which means you are spending less to operate your device.

 On the other hand, the single coil e-cigarette has the disadvantage of not providing as flavorful a vapor as the dual coil e-cigarette. Before you make your purchase choice, consider these cons of the single coil configuration:

• The vapor produced by a single coil e-cigarette tends to be less dense than the vapor produced by a dual coil e-cigarette. Consequently, the flavor intensity is lower as well.

• The heat of the vapor from a single coil e-cigarette is lower than the heat of the vapor from a dual coil e-cigarette. Again, this is due to the fact that there is only one heating wire in a single coil e-cigarette. Combined with the lower flavor intensity, the lower temperature of the vapor can produce a less satisfying alternative to traditional cigarette smoke for many people who use a single coil e-cigarette. This is particularly true for “cloud chasers” or those looking for the satisfaction of massive vapor production.

Some of our favorite single coil tanks

Kanger Unitank
Kanger Unitank

Joyetech Ego CC Tank
Joyetech Ego CC
Kanger MT3S Tank
Kanger MT3S

 The Pros and Cons of Dual Coil E-Cigarettes

If the main advantage of single coil e-cigarettes is that they are less expensive to use, the chief advantage of dual coil e-cigarettes is the flavor of the vapor that the dual coil configuration can produce. Just consider these pros:  


• Because there are two heating elements in a dual coil e-cigarette, more liquid is vaporized with each puff, and the resulting vapor is denser than the vapor produced with a single coil e-cigarette. This concentrates the flavor, making it more intense for the smoker and provides the satisfaction of exhaling a great deal of vapor.

• The dual coil heating element also heats the vapor to a higher temperature than the single coil heating element. Many smokers believe this hotter vapor better simulates the experience of smoking a traditional e-cigarette.

 Of course, there are cons when it comes to dual e-cigarettes. These are mainly related to the e-cigarette’s cost. Just consider these facts:  


 • Dual coil e-cigarettes use more battery power because there are two wires to heat. This uses up the batteries more quickly, and you have to pay to replace them more often.

 • The dual coil configuration also uses up the liquid more quickly than the single coil configuration. You will spend more on e-juice over time because it will run out faster than when you use a single coil e-cigarette and you may find yourself needing to carry extra e-liquid with you in order to refill on the go.  

Some of our favorite dual coil tanks
Kanger Aerotank Mega
Kanger Aerotank Mega


Aspire CE5 BDC
Aspire CE5 BDC

Innokin X 1
Innokin X.1

Choose the Configuration That’s Right for You

Whether you place a premium on e-cigarette flavor and vapor production or low maintenance and saving money, there is an e-cigarette that is right for you. Keep informed on your options, and you will pick the best e-cigarette for your needs. If you have any questions or need help deciding on the right tank feel free to contact us for assistance

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Difference Between PG and VG

E-cigarettes can be simple. Anyone can grab a Blu from a local convenience store, pick up a couple of cartridge packs, and be off and running within an hour. But the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper, leading many to grow frustrated with the sheer weight of information. For those interested in a smoking alternative, the endless questions, products, and vast sea of vendors can make it seem like a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Every bottle of juice comes with its own set of decisions. To add sweetener or not? What’s the difference between this Marlboro knock-off and that one? And just what is this PG/VG thing all about anyway?

While many of the questions surrounding e-cigarettes can only be answered individually, a vaper should know the basics about PG and VG before shopping. By knowing a bit about each base, you can make an informed decision about where your vaping journey will take you.

E-Liquid Components 


Though your average cigarette is ostensibly comprised of only dried tobacco, paper, and a filter, revelations about Big Tobacco have demonstrated that R.J. Reynolds, Phillip Morris, and the like have been adding a multitude of poisonous chemicals to their formula for decades. Therefore, most vapers are happy to realize that e-liquid is a simple construction comprised of only a few components. Your average bottle of liquid contains nicotine, water, flavorings, and a base made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both bases are widely considered as generally safe and have been used in the food industry for years.

 Propylene Glycol 


 Propylene glycol is made from petroleum and has been used for decades in a variety of products, some of which have a tendency to scare away new vapers. No, the fact that PG is used in non-toxic antifreeze and various solvents does not mean that it alone is possibly harmful to your health. Consider the fact that it is also used in personal care products, medical applications, and several pre-packaged foods, all of which have been approved by regulatory government bodies. That being said, everyone must decide for themselves their risk tolerance.


• PG is thinner than VG and thus more easily absorbed by cartomizer batting • Generally produces less atomizer build-up
• Tasteless and odorless - won’t interfere with the flavor of the juice
• Strong throat hit


• Triggers an allergic reaction in some, producing symptoms such as skin rash and sore throat
• Burns much more quickly than VG
• Harsher throat hit could be a downside for sensitive vapers
• Relatively little vapor production

Vegetable Glycerin 


 VG is made from natural vegetable oil, mixed with water, and then heated to a high temperature before being used in commercial applications. Like PG, VG is used in a variety of products in the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Because of its sweet taste, many low-carb food manufacturers use it as an additive to partially replace the sugar in their products. This sweetness can be detected in the e-liquids that use it as a base.


• VG produces enormous amounts of vapor
• Thick, syrupy texture usually makes it last longer than PG formulations
• Less likely to leak from tanks and atomizers due to thickness


• Sweet taste can throw off juice flavors
• Some complain of phlegm build-up after long-time VG use
• Limited throat hit Mixtures

Pure PG juices are much more common than pure VG formulations, but mixtures of the two are even more common still. By finding a ratio that works for you, it’s possible to get a strong throat hit, a satisfying drip, and clouds of immense vapor without experiencing the worst of the cons. Those allergic to PG will want to find e-liquids that don’t use it, but most vapers will be happy with a moderate mixture of the two. As with everything in the world of vaping, though, there’s no substitute for personal experience.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Popular Joyetech Ecig Products

Joyetech was one of the first major e-cig producers, and its innovative products continue to set the bar for competitors. Joyetech's greatest strength lies in its willingness to embrace technology in order to offer a unique vaping experience. Innovative designs, powerful technology and solid construction set Joyetech apart and help to explain its enduring popularity among e-cig users.

Altogether, Joyetech offers around 30 different products, including atomizers, cartomizers, e-cigs and chargers. Although all of its products are well-reviewed and enjoyed by users, a few products are particularly noteworthy for their popularity.

Popular Joyetech eCigs

Joyetech eRoll

The Joyetech eRoll is currently the best-selling Joyetech product, and its popularity lies in its sleek but surprisingly powerful design. The eRoll is a miniature e-cig, measuring just 93mm in length and a slim 13mm wide. Its small size hides its powerful 3.7v output, a battery strong enough to fulfill the needs of any vape user.

The eRoll is portable and fashionable. Its charge case is about the size of an iPhone and resembles a traditional cigarette case. The eRoll works with an atomizer and turns on automatically when taking a drag rather than requiring the push of a button or any other type of activation. The eRoll is available in black, white and silver and is perfect for travel, social vaping and any other occasion when a compact and economical e-cig is ideal.

Joyetech eGo

Where other vaping products are designed to be small and unobtrusive, the eGo makes a statement.

With its 650 mAh battery, it has enough charge to last for a full day of use, and it's designed with the frequent user's comfort in mind. It can use either a refillable cartridge or a replaceable atomizer depending on the user's preference.

As one of Joyetech's most popular products, the eGo comes with a number of accessories. Among these are carrying cases, car chargers, wall chargers and mouthpiece covers. These accessories help make the eGo more versatile for any user's preferences, whether it's vaping at home, traveling or sharing the e-cig with friends.

Joyetech eVic Supreme

The Joyetech eVic Supreme is one of the more expensive e-cigarettes on the market, but it's also one of the most iconic and innovative. The eVic Supreme does more than provide nicotine vapor to its user. Its on-board micro-computer also provides valuable information about the user's vaping habits.

The eVic Supreme utilizes a Samsung 18650 – 2600mAh battery for ample power and performance. The total product is 124mm in length and is built to last. Separate from the battery tube is a control head, which includes a small computer processor and LCD monitor to display data about your vaping habits. It will track the number of puffs taken, number remaining, battery output information, temperature warnings and voltage output information.

To maximize battery life, the eVic Supreme can be placed in stand-by or sleep mode when not in use. Users can also modify the voltage output, which in turn will change the strength of the vapor produced. Using the "set puff" feature allows users to cap their puffs at a certain number for the day. By using the accompanying software, users can view all of their vaping history on the computer and chart their progress, identify trends and otherwise satisfy their curiosity.

All of these features make the eVic Supreme a fantastic resource for those using e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative. By being able to monitor and modify their puffs, users can begin making changes to their habits. The eVic Supreme is a high-quality e-cigarette that has an innovative design, making it the perfect choice for tech lovers.

Joyetech: Leading in Innovation

These three popular products go to show just how much variation exists in the e-cigarettes produced by Joyetech. People enjoy e-cigarettes for a number of reasons, from smoking alternatives to recreational vaping, e-cigs are gaining in popularity as versatile tools, and the best e-cig manufacturers are rising to keep up with this demand. From the small travel-sized eRoll to the powerful, high-tech eVic Supreme, Joyetech is focused on providing innovative and useful products in a variety of price ranges.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Halo E-Juice

E-juice manufacturer Halo is an impressive brand that distinguishes itself from the pack in several ways. First of all, Halo's e-liquid is 100 percent American made. The company is owned by Americans, the product is manufactured in the United States, and the brand appears to be taking safety precautions above and beyond the average. Although no e-liquids are FDA approved yet, all of the ingredients Halo uses in its e-liquids are fully approved by FEMA and the FDA. They’re not cutting corners here, and the result is not only a safer final product, but also a fantastic-tasting one.

On top of using the safest ingredients available to create one of the best-tasting products around, Halo has paid special attention to the throat hit that its blends create. Halo e-juices produce both a large amount of vapor and an intense throat hit, and they mimic the experience of smoking a real cigarette to an almost uncanny degree. If getting that hit in your throat is important to you, Halo has developed some blends that could become your new favorites.

Halo offers over 25 flavors, but its particular area of expertise is tobacco-flavored e-liquids. Fifteen of the company’s e-juices are tobacco flavored, and here are some of the top sellers:


This blend offers an unfiltered-tobacco flavor with a wallop of a throat hit, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for a pure tobacco taste.


This e-liquid is milder than Torque56, and it showcases a smooth tobacco flavor with sweet, caramel-vanilla overtones.

Midnight Apple

If a rich tobacco taste combined with the crisp sourness of a Granny Smith apple sounds good to you, this is your blend. This variety has an unusual sweet-yet-dry quality that has made it famous in the vaping community.

Freedom Juice

This e-liquid is mild enough to smoke all day long, but it still delivers real tobacco taste. The tobacco flavor is similar to that of a regular cigarette with a hint of sweetness.

Halo also produces a range of menthol and gourmet flavors. If you’ve been craving an avalanche of mint, look no further than Halo’s already near-legendary Kringles Curse. This e-juice packs a hefty blast of sweet mint with no tobacco undertones and has quickly become one the brand’s most popular products. The SubZero menthol flavor also delivers an intense menthol experience, and for those who like their menthol a little more on the mild side, there are three more blends to choose from.

If coffee and chocolate are more your taste, several delicious-looking coffee- and chocolate-based gourmet blends are available. For relaxing poolside, Halo can also provide you with a tropical blend reminiscent of a Pina Colada with a mint twist.

Halo’s lineup of flavors doesn’t include some of the sweet and fruity blends that are popular in the vaping community. Whether or not they will expand their range in the future remains to be seen, but for now Halo is obviously concentrating on quality control in the flavors it does offer. Halo is one of the best-reviewed e-liquid companies around, and their blends are famous for their excellent flavors and popularity among customers.

Halo offers sample packs for those who want to try out a few flavors at once. They’ve created a tobacco sampler, a menthol sampler, a gourmet sampler, and a variety pack. Their e-juices come in strengths ranging from 0 to 24 mg, and they are all packaged in tamper-proof bottles with child-resistant caps.

Whether you’re new to e-liquids or just curious to try a new brand, Halo is an excellent choice and offers American-made, high-quality blends in a variety of flavors that satisfy.